Gleipnir is a product of Westcon, which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment.

Crane Block

Standard specifications:

  • Design temperature -20 °C
  • 100% material traceability
  • Offshore / marine surface conservation. RAL 1003
  • Sheave with roller bearing
  • Lubrication points for all moveable parts
  • Easy rigging
  • Design in accordance with:
    •   Machine directive 2006/42/EC and the latest amendments
    •   Norske Sjøfartsdirektoratet
    •   Det Norske Veritas
    •   Bureau Veritas
    •   Germanischer Lloyd
    •   Lloyd’s Register of Shipping
    •   American Bureau of Shipping
    •   Norsok R-CR-002, R-005N, R-003N
    •   Statoil “sikker sikring”
    •   SfS
    •   HSC Loler

 Available options:

  • Alternative sheave sizes
  • High durability sheaves (page 21)
  • Composite sheaves
  • Design temperature -40 °C

Available as:

  • Easy rigging design up to 5 sheaves
  • Several other single and multiple sheave crane blocks available

Designloads up to 1.000T available

Easy rigging
Enough clearance for passing of:

  • Closed spelter socket
  • Open spelter socket
  • Wire thimbles

(Reeve block function)

Exchangable components
for easy maintenance and inspection (no welded nut)

Lockable safety latch