Gleipnir is a product of Westcon, which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment.


Double row banana block SWL 1T
Lead block -PCD1170-230-1- 86 for ø58 wire
Lead block - PCD1170-230-1-157 for ø58 wire
Pivot Lead block -ST-PCD680x186 for ø40
Vertical Lead block-ST- PCD680x186 for ø40
Flag block (W - 300x350x62/67) incl.stainless sheaves
Crane blocks 918x530 for SWL 125T
Sheave Block with Docking Head
12 Ton Magnum sheave
Lead block 1030x1100/135
Hook block SWL 400T
Top block 580x655
Subsea Swivel SWL 100T
Topside deflector sheave
Lead Block ST - 936x160
Banana sheave block SWL1T
Cargo swivel for SWL 15T
Lead blocks PCD360x60
Lead blocks 918x106
Snatch block with arms
Trawl block SWL 30T
Construction with steel sheave
Crane block SWL 45T
Lead block
Cable Snatch Block 750x780
Snatch block with composite sheave
Swivel SWL 9T
Sheave - W- Steel - 468x520x95/140
Standard Reeve Block
Banana Flag Block
Wide Tow Rope
H. lead block 1051x180 with stainless sheave
Assembly bolt
Wide Tow Block - R - SS - 1000x1100 for ø52 mm rope
Lead blocks
Stainless Sheave 1000x1100/200
Lead Block 578x690/150
Counter Balanced Snatch Block
Flag Block
Banana Blocks
Tensile Sheave House, DL100T
Vertical Lead Block, DL 150T
Reeve Block - 900x820x120, DL 25T
Vertical Lead Block, DL 200T
Hay Pulley Block
High durability sheaves Ø1700
Frame structure