Gleipnir is a product of Westcon, which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment.

Products groups / Offshore/Marine and wind farm / Mooring system

With long experience in design and production of lead blocks, sheaves, rollers, fairleads, etc., Gleipnir offer a complete set of lead sheaves for mooring systems, adapted to suit every client demands with a versatile and innovative design.
Optimized design and light weight, based on clients need, given load, limited space and cost control; makes Gleipnir to an obvious choice.

Product range



Standard specifications:

  • Arrangement for multiple working angles
  • Fleet angle transfer ability
  • Foundation plate for bolting or welding to structure
  • Safeguards for securing of wire in sheave groove
  • Sheave and pivot block equipped with roller bearings
  • Easy maintenance (access to lubrication points)
  • Lubrication points for all movable parts
  • Design temperature -10° C.
  • Offshore / Marine surface treatment
  • Designed in accordance with DNV rules
  • Components designed to fulfil SfS (Handbook best practice - Dropped Object Prevention)



Available options:

  • High durability sheaves
  • Composite sheaves
  • Stainless steel sheaves
  • Load cell application
  • Other design temperature
  • Third party certification
  • Designed acc. to: NORSOK R-002, ABS, LR, BV, RMRS, etc.
  • Bearing pin in stainless steel
  • Sliding bearings
  • Additional non standard elements available