Gleipnir is a product of Westcon, which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment.

The story of the name Gleipnir

GLEIPNIR is the binding that restrains the mighty wolf Fenrir in Norse Mythology. When the gods saw how huge Fenrir, one of Loki’s vicious offspring, was growing they decided to restrain him. First they found a strong iron chain, called Laeding, and they bound the wolf. But Fenrir freed himself at once. The same happened on their second attempt with Dromi, an iron chain which was twice as strong. Then the gods went to the dwarves and asked them to make a fetter, called GLEIPNIR. This fetter did not break, because even though it was as thin as a silken ribbon, it was stronger than any iron chain. It was forged by the dwarves and made of six wondrous ingredients which we no longer find today:

  • The sound of a cat’s footfall
  • The beard of a woman
  • The roots of a mountain
  • The sinews of a bear
  • The breath of a fish
  • The spittle of a bird

GLEIPNIR will hold until Ragnarok (the end of days), when it (and its binding force) will break and Fenrir will devour Odin. Here of comes our company name GLEIPNIR, to symbolize high strength and good quality products!