Gleipnir is a product of Westcon, which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment.

Products / Blocks / Subsea Block

"Gleipnir Subsea blocks are equipped with pressure sealed axial bearings and a sheave with self lubricating bushings which turns on a stainless steel bearing pin. The easy reeve function allows a quick change from whip to main. Implementing this as a key design factor, resulted in flawless subsea operations."

Design Loads 25 - 400 T

Standard specifications:

  • In accordance with DNV rules for subsea operations and lifting appliances
  • Safety latch
  • 100% material traceability
  • Subsea surface conservation
  • Pressure sealed axial bearing
  • Sheave equipped with self lubricating bushings
  • Easy rigging, enough clearance for passing of:
    •   Open spelter sockets
    •   Closed spelter sockets