About us

GLEIPNIR  is a product of Westcon /www.wcl.no/,  which specializes within lifting, guiding and handling equipment within the offshore and marine industry. Offices are located in Norway and Poland. With a dedicated and experienced staff, Gleipnir designs innovative equipment which is tailored to the exact needs of today’s and tomorrows demands. 

Vision To set the standard for the Next generation lifting equipment within the offshore & marine industry.

Gleipnir designs and produces lifting, guiding, and handling equipment focused on meeting customer needs for today and tomorrow. Creativity, innovation, experience, service, and customer involvement, help reach our goals. Value is added to our products by implementing international rules, standards, guidelines, recommendations, available technology, and research. This results in definite advantages in quality, performance, durability, cost efficiency, and safety for our customers. Gleipnir values its customers, suppliers, and staff, emphasizing long-term relationships and mutual thrust.